Welcome to the Iotaz site. Iotaz is an object relational mapping library for the Ruby programming language. At the moment the library only supports mapping on to the Firebird RDBMS but that may change in the future.


Date Details
09 April 2005 This is the initial release of the Iotaz library. Iotaz is an object-relational mapping library that, at least initially, is aimed at the Firebird RDBMS using the FireRuby library for interaction with the database. The library, at the moment, is at a fairly early stage of development but is definitely usable inspite of this. As has been mentioned, the Iotaz library uses the FireRuby library to access to the database. This dependency is not currently expressed in the Iotaz gem file so please insure that you have both installed if you want to give it a go. I have included documentation and some simple examples with the gem.